An Interview with S. P. Hendrick

When speaking with the author, Hendrick said, “the first book in the Glastonbury Chronicles Series, “Uneasy Lies the Head”, was inspired by several things based upon my fond saying of “What if”and they being the two most wonderful and dangerous words in the English Language.” 

She went on to explain, “The relationship between Stephen Windsor and Kevin Watson grew out of the relationship between Hamlet and Horatio I had seen in some of the best productions of that play. Horatio is a character who is too often thrown away, but his deep love for Hamlet is seen in the final scene where he tries to down what’s left in the poisoned cup and follow his friend in death. Unfortunately this scene is too often cut and seriously deprives Horatio of his finest moment.” 

This plus the idea of the Sacred King who must shed his blood to renew the Land…an old Pagan concept from which the Divine Right of Kings came, coupling it with the Divine Responsibility added to a quirky nature which enjoys things like the old Sir Arthur Conan Doyle mystery “The Musgrave Ritual” in which an important historical secret is passed on down through a family through a memorized ritual, but no one in the family knew its significance and it had to be figured out by a outsider and you have her “What If”. 

Hendrick wrote her story with the “what if” in mind. What if there were a secret society, The Order of The Sword and The Rose, which carried the secret of the slaying of the Sacred Kings? The Sword is the symbol of the slaying, the rose, and the symbol of secrecy. What if they were all drawn from the same family blood lines as Walter Tyrell’s companions? And what if they and the King were awakened to past lives in which they performed this ritual whenever it became necessary for the Land. 

“So, I set Stephen Windsor into a time in the future when the Monarchy is no longer on the throne, but the Land calls out for blood… A cataclysmic earthquake have all but destroyed the Land which has sold its soul to the European Commonwealth and must be redeemed. Stephen’s sister is engaged to a man with familiar looking eyes… the man destined to be his best friend and his Slayer throughout time,” answered Hendrick.

Bertena Varney, Paranormal Literature Examiner, April 30, 2010